Markets in Guangzhou

1. Hua Du Shi Ling PU market

this is the biggest market of Pu and metal fitting in Asia, a lot of PU suppliers open shops in the markets, you can walk in the street, sourcing PU colorcards one by one, then you design your bag and select the materials from them, pass us your finished designs, we buy PU from suppliers for sample and order production.

this market also have a big zone for metal fitting, a lot of different shape, styles of hardware such like rings, clips, rocks for handbag, belts, you can buy small amount for samples if they have in stock. but most of metal fitting in this market supplier are ranged in low to middle quality. not in high quality. if you need high quality, pls go to Jia Hao market

2. JIA Hao Leather metal fitting market

this is leather market and metal fitting market, zipper market. this is a middle size leather marekt,

some of metal fitting suppliers are focus on high quality

3. Xin hao Bang leather market

huge leather marekt, cow, pig skin in different colors, quality. most of them are target to shoe business. but also suitable for handbag too...

4. Zhong Da Fabric market

cloth, Denim, canvas, fur, a lot of fabric for clothing, and small items such like acrylics jewels, studs and some rings, charming. if you are looking for some small thing for hanbag charming, you should come to this market.

in guangzhou, there are several big market selling handbags, replica or similiar look brand handbags, if you need these information, send me email...